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What is the meaning of electrical in Hindi?

Meaning of electrical in Hindi is : वैद्युत―विशेषज्ञ

Definition of word electrical

  • Related to electricity (or electronics) (adjective)
  • An electrical engineer. (noun)

Examples of word electrical

  • Double e's, that's what they call electrical engineers, double e's, remember that.
  • During my undergraduate days in electrical engineering, women were few and far in between.
  • We commonly describe membrane function using concepts (conductivity, insulation, capacitance, and so on) established previously in electrical engineering. here
  • That's like a 1400 on the pre-dummed down SAT, the type of people that go to MIT or Stanford and major in electrical engineering.
  • He followed through and found a space-related program that demonstrated his interest in electrical engineering.


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