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What is the meaning of elegant in Hindi?

Meaning of elegant in Hindi is : हसीन

Definition of word elegant

  • Characterised by or exhibiting elegance. (adjective)
  • Characterised by minimalism and intuitiveness while preserving exactness and precision. (adjective)

Examples of word elegant

    • "Nope; Nelly's an elegant name -- an _elegant_ name."
    • Rad Hourani, a Syrian-born self-made designer who grew up in Quebec, also received attention last week with what he describes as his elegant "slick, modern, long, layered, timeless, genderless, seasonless" style.
    • Page 74 are made to excel in that department which lies between the sensuous and the intellectual -- what we call the elegant arts.
    • It allowed players to target virtual minarets in elegant Vienna and pastoral Alpine villages with a single word, "stop."
    • The house looks simple and elegant from the inside with the upper floor possessing sliding glass windows to enjoy the view outside.


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