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What is the meaning of elicit in Hindi?

Meaning of elicit in Hindi is : फल निकालना

Definition of word elicit

  • To evoke, educe (emotions, feelings, responses, etc.); to generate, obtain, or provoke as a response or answer. (verb)

Examples of word elicit

  • Of course, this answer is the one I suspect that Dawkins wishes to elicit from the reader of "Meet my cousin, the chimpanzee".
  • A similar problem unfolds in stanza five as the speaker seeks to elicit from the urn a transcendental message both aesthetic and ontological that will bring the poem to thematic and formal closure and that will confirm the urn's (and the poem's) status as a revelatory Romantic symbol.
  • The first step, however, was to elicit from the Germans a concrete statement of aims.
  • Meanwhile Dr Malan made an attempt to elicit from the Germans a more definite indication of their intentions towards South Africa.
  • And this is pretty much the standard crest-and-trough reaction I elicit from the Chinese.
  • i wonder how many “kill it” posts this will elicit from the local contingent of bitter, pizza-faced, boys.
  • But country-of-origin labels elicit an even more perplexing question.
  • Say Chinnery to any art buff under 40 and the name will elicit no response, and now that Tate Britain has all but abandoned its responsibility to keep successive generations aware of historic British painting, it is probable that Chinnery will be for ever lost to common knowledge, obliterated, with many other once known artists, by the enforced fashion there for contemporary art.
  • I also loved that you used 'elicit' and 'illicit' within the same piece, and close together.