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What is the meaning of elm in Hindi?

Meaning of elm in Hindi is : चिराबेल

Definition of word elm

  • a tree of the genus Ulmus of the family Ulmaceae, large deciduous trees with alternate stipulate leaves and small apetalous flowers (noun)
  • wood from an elm tree (noun)

Examples of word elm

    • One large elm out of the two on the left-hand side as you enter what I call the elm walk, was likewise blown down; the maypole bearing the weathercock was broke in two, and what I regret more than all the rest is, that all the three elms which grew in
    • Earlier this year at the 2008 Eurocucina show, Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero presented the new Kube kitchen model designed by Giovanni Offredi in elm wood, Snaidero has now announced a new version with a gloss ice-white lacquer finish.
    • West Elm Goes Organic west elm is now offering certified organic cotton towels and throws, responsibly grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides and dyed with earth-friendly certified dyes.
    • The two devastating diseases now facing one of the nation's oldest elm stands are Dutch elm disease, a fungal disease spread by the elm bark beetle and a more recent syndrome known as elm yellows.
    • Ellum was the local pronounciation for the word elm and Deep Ellum was also considered to be far from downtown


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