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What is the meaning of eloquence in Hindi?

Meaning of eloquence in Hindi is : वाग्मिता

Definition of word eloquence

  • The quality of artistry and persuasiveness in speech or writing. (noun)

Examples of word eloquence

  • Cicero has put almost the same thoughts in different words -- "I consider that, with regard to all precept, the case is this; not that orators by adhering to them have obtained distinction in eloquence, but that certain persons have noticed what men of eloquence have practised of their own accord, and formed rules accordingly; _so that eloquence has not sprung from art, but art from eloquence_."
  • No, for although some, when they hear the term eloquence, call the thing to mind, even if they are not themselves eloquent -- and further, there are many people who would like to be eloquent, from which it follows that they must know something about it -- nevertheless, these people have noticed through their senses that others are eloquent and have been delighted to observe this and long to be this way themselves.
  • His treatises _De Inventione_ and _Topica_, the first and nearly the last of his compositions, are both on the invention of arguments, which he regards, with Aristotle, as the very foundation of the art; though he elsewhere confines the term eloquence, according to its derivation, to denote excellence of diction and delivery, to the exclusion of argumentative skill. [
  • The script is predictably Sorkinian, with rapid fire dialogue batted around like Olympic ping pong balls, rarely stopping, and never allowing for any of the characters to have any of the inevitable lapses in eloquence that plague most humans.
  • My point, which I am trying to make with equal parts and contempt and eloquence, is that everyone agrees with argument b.


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