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What is the meaning of emblem in Hindi?

Meaning of emblem in Hindi is : संप्रतीक

Definition of word emblem

  • A representative symbol, such as a trademark or logo. (noun)
  • Something which represents a larger whole. (noun)

Examples of word emblem

    • Lastly, her emblem is the Sistrum, and the sound of the Sistrum, according to Plutarch, was supposed to terrify and expel Typhon (the evil principle); just as in mediæval times the ringing of church-bells was supposed to scare Beelzebub and his crew.
    • A school's emblem is featured in the letterhead - and even on the card - and students are urged to activate their accounts quickly.
    • It may create an impression that the Red Cross emblem is part of the public domain.
    • Most of the land masses and the overwhelming majority of the people of the world are in the Northern hemisphere-a fact recognized by the United Nations, whose emblem is a view of the Northern hemisphere seen as if you were looking straight down on it from the stratosphere.
    • The Fascist emblem is a bundle of sticks bound together with an axe extending from the end denoting authority.


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