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What is the meaning of embolden in Hindi?

Meaning of embolden in Hindi is : साहसान्वित करना

Definition of word embolden

  • To render (someone) bolder or more courageous. (verb)
  • To encourage, inspire, or motivate. (verb)
  • (typography) To format text in boldface. (verb)

Examples of word embolden

  • But, that term has been a GOP talking point for almost a year according to Source Watch: The phrase embolden the terrorists—as has taking the fight to the terrorists—has frequently been employed by President George W. Bush, members of the Bush administration, and others in their support of the war in Iraq and use of fear as a political tool.
  • Thompson might have meant to say "embolden," not "ennoble," as not even the most vocal war hawk would argue that domestic debate about the Iraq War will result in the enemy being given titles of nobility such as Duke, Baron, Lord, etc.
  • The Americans will not allow Iran to benefit from the oil and transit revenue, which will "embolden" it, and indirectly bolster Hamas and Hezbollah.
  • That and "embolden" so try and work that word in too.
  • I think instead of 'embolden', you meant 'enbiggen'.


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