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What is the meaning of embraced in Hindi?

Meaning of embraced in Hindi is :

Definition of word embraced

  • Simple past tense and past participle of embrace. (verb)

Examples of word embraced

  • In Los Angeles and Beverly Hills where many other very wealthy Iranian-Americans were quick to forget their heritage, Bijan and his name embraced it.
  • "I'm a maverick, he's a maverick, wouldn't you like to be a maverick, too?" offered Michael Burke of Silver Spring, Md., in his entry for the label embraced by unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate John McCain.
  • Uh-huh, if you haven't figured it out, and just in case you thought the pic above to be sexist as it takes shots at "big girls" a term embraced by overweight women I might add, you're dead ass wrong.
  • Since then, supply-side economics, as it was called - first with derision but then as a label embraced by its supporters - has become a central tenet of Republican political and economic thinking in the country.
  • "Anozzer romance of the Far Vest!" cried the count, to whom this term embraced the entire continent from Maine to San Francisco.


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