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What is the meaning of embracement in Hindi?

Meaning of embracement in Hindi is : लज्जा

Definition of word embracement

  • A clasp in the arms; embrace. (noun)
  • State of being contained; enclosure. (noun)
  • Willing acceptance. (noun)

Examples of word embracement

  • How about the fact that it's also oftentimes selection of music that music fans and just isn't offered by any of the RIAA's so-called "embracement" projects or partnerships?
  • Perry, Arpaio …. .you get the picture, for being traitors to the American experience and embracement of diversity!
  • Personal embracement of luxury is now back to pre-recession 2007 levels, Taylor says.
  • In public, Egypt has characterized these overtures with Iran as moves toward normalization, and not toward embracement.
  • In order to promote the embracement of new ideas, strategies, and techniques we need to collaboratively work with staff to transform traditional classroom environments into vibrant learning communities where all students are authentically engaged.


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