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What is the meaning of embraces in Hindi?

Meaning of embraces in Hindi is :

Definition of word embraces

  • Plural form of embrace. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of embrace. (verb)

Examples of word embraces

    • The term embraces all the many different aspects of a culture that are expressed through food: from the agricultural economy to pickling recipes, from kinship ties to the correct technique for spitting an olive stone into your hand.
    • Although hard to define, the term embraces the soil, weather, skills, art, authenticity, traditions and ultimately the "feel" that come together to fill a bottle with something good to drink.
    • As the objects in the central display case attest, the term embraces two basic types.
    • More importantly, the term embraces a wide range of different management approaches, from highly protected sites where few if any people are allowed to enter, through parks where the emphasis is on conservation but visitors are welcome, to much less restrictive approaches where conservation is integrated into the traditional (and sometimes not so traditional) human lifestyles or even takes place alongside limited sustainable resource extraction.
    • Hence the term embraces the various methods by which the spirits can be brought near or driven away.


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