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What is the meaning of embracing in Hindi?

Meaning of embracing in Hindi is : रंभण

Definition of word embracing

  • Present participle of embrace. (verb)

Examples of word embracing

  • He mentioned that he was particularly glad that I had used the term "embracing" in the title, and enthusiastically agreed that we need not just a political settlement but open-hearted reconciliation based on acknowledgment that both Israel and Palestine have legitimate narratives and both communities have co-created the current mess.
  • (_Philippians_, pp. 171-178) has shewn with great fulness of proof that 'the household of Caesar' was a term embracing a vast number of persons, not only in Rome but in the provinces, all of whom were either actual or former slaves of the
  • Dr. Lazarus, the chief of the medical department, tells us that the "river people," a term embracing those who own the temples on the stream -- just as we would say the "steel rail" or the "pig metal" people at home -- are very much depressed, complaining bitterly that the revenues have fallen away.
  • He was widely regarded as "plouc" - a term embracing both provincial ignorance and flashy new wealth, describing someone who does not understand the social codes.
  • -- for "pleasure" may be used as a term embracing the first four answers.


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