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What is the meaning of emir in Hindi?

Meaning of emir in Hindi is : एमिर

Definition of word emir

  • a prince, commander or other leader or ruler in an Islamic nation. (noun)

Examples of word emir

  • Dost Muhammad took the title emir al-mu'minin (commander of the faithful) in preparation for his holy war against the Sikhs.
  • But more importantly, I think you're absolutely correct, is he's trying to sort of stave off any indications that he's sort of a lesser to who he calls the emir in this video, by the way, bin Laden.
  • The very name, derived from the root ` amir 'or ` emir,' is symbolic of that, and the silver ear is symbolic of the authority of the Lord High Admiral who, whether he exercises that office individually, or whether it is, as it now is and has been for a long time, in Commission, is the representative of the Crown in the Admiralty.
  • Father-of-two Shahjahan - who was referred to as the "emir", or leader, by other members of the terror group - had the highest profile and had given a number of media interviews, the court heard.
  • The city of Annah, or Anatho, 49 the actual residence of an Arabian emir, is composed of two long streets, which enclose, within a natural fortification, a small island in the midst, and two fruitful spots on either side, of the


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