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What is the meaning of emotional in Hindi?

Meaning of emotional in Hindi is : भावुक

Definition of word emotional

  • Of or relating to the emotions. (adjective)
    या भावनाओं से संबंधित।

Examples of word emotional

  • Dr Katz told Dr Mosholder that the FDA had asked Glaxo to elaborate on the events listed under the term emotional lability and further stated:
  • Within a fortnight of seeing the raw data in response to queries as to the events behind the term emotional lability, in May 2003 the regulators in the United
  • According to an internal June 2, 2003, FDA email provided to this author by Baum Hedlund, written by Dr Russell Katz to Dr Andrew Mosholder, the FDA had just learned about the increased suicide rate hidden under the term emotional lability and realized that Glaxo had pulled a fast one.
  • For ease of discussion, we shall use the term emotional obscurations in reference to their presentations as well.
  • You know, through this whole thing it's been -- you know, you've heard the term emotional roller coaster used time and time again.
  • So although there are many valid and extreme situations that justify the term emotional abuse, the term has become an emotional catch all for many people who are angry at masculinity, and afraid of intimacy.
  • Trouble is if you are still in conflict mode with your former significant other, you are still in the throes of what I call the "emotional divorce."
  • While mastering the traditional koans such as the sound of one hand clapping, Kelly integrated yoga into the practice, pioneered what he called "emotional koans," and championed an ecological vision.