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What is the meaning of employ in Hindi?

Meaning of employ in Hindi is : सेवायुक्त करना

Definition of word employ

  • The state of being an employee; employment. (noun)
  • to hire (somebody for work or a job) (verb)
  • to use (a person for a job) (verb)
  • to make busy (verb)

Examples of word employ

  • The only trick I employ is filleting the meat out of the cheeks.
  • The only other variation we employ is buttered on both sides Texas Toast that's been grilled to golden glory.
  • Another statistical measure they might have tried to employ is the ratio of hits on regular Google to hits on Google scholar, what I call the Internet amplification factor.
  • Another trick some friends of mind employ is to export their manuscript to their Kindle.
  • Your use of fakestinian, of all the slurs you employ, is probably the most insulting.


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