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What is the meaning of employing in Hindi?

Meaning of employing in Hindi is :

Definition of word employing

  • Present participle of employ. (verb)

Examples of word employing

  • But tactics such as employing the English word or characters sounding the same as the Chinese name - also "ai ji", but this time meaning "sad and worried" - allowed internet users to discuss the situation.
  • Second, what theory of stare decisis is Orin employing here?
  • What NASA should consider employing is a non-technical individual outside the agency to review the SRB candidates to ensure that there is as best achievable no conflict of interest for the selected SRB member.
  • Health crisis communications expert Mark Senak said the CDC "exhibited a good deal of savvy in employing digital media during the crisis."
  • Despite this demonstrated operational vulnerability, the fact that unarmed contractors are specifically not obligated to fight has not been discussed as a significant risk in employing contractors rather than military logistics organizations.


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