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What is the meaning of emptied in Hindi?

Meaning of emptied in Hindi is :

Definition of word emptied

  • Simple past tense and past participle of empty. (verb)

Examples of word emptied

  • We quite won the sympathy of the pole-puller, a young country yokel, who now and again emptied a few picked blossoms into our bin, it being part of his business to gather up the stray clusters torn off in the process of pulling.
  • Just when the world is fed up up with America, and the last penny has been emptied from the treasury, everybody rushes to the other side of the boat and starts singing in unison about equality and justice.
  • Heavy rain emptied the stadium briefly in the third inning, but play continued.
  • When the game ended a few minutes before midnight, hundred of SMU students - including 18-year-olds born in 1987 - emptied from the stands to the field, creating such a huge blob that the Horned Frogs had to go way around them to get to their locker room.
  • Then the water finally emptied from the broken vessel that was his body.


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