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What is the meaning of emptiest in Hindi?

Meaning of emptiest in Hindi is :

Definition of word emptiest

  • superlative form of empty: most empty. (adjective)

Examples of word emptiest

  • By the time they had reached the other side of the marquee, most of the tables were occupied: The emptiest was the one where Luna sat alone.
  • It's across the street from a neighborhood dubbed the emptiest in the U.S.
  • Would he have made this emptiest of public gestures, though, had their votes actually mattered?
  • We took a loop out to see how empty the dams were at their emptiest (very empty) and might be time to do another loop out there to see them back at 71%.
  • And while "passion" might be one of the emptiest words in sport Qatar does not share a great emotional bond with the game.


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