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What is the meaning of empty handed in Hindi?

Meaning of empty handed in Hindi is : खाली हाथ रहना

Definition of word empty handed

Examples of word empty handed

  • Make too few demands, and people feel free to seek the pastor's counsel without putting money in the collection place or to come emptyhanded to a pot luck supper, and the whole church suffers, he said.
  • Then show HER looking for HIM with all those flashbacks about her life, ending the episode with her flying back home emptyhanded/hearted, and him deciding to go straight from Houston, with new hope about his life, straight to Tokyo.
  • We dress women from age ten to eighty, and we can dress anyone for any eventwe have customers coming in who need something for a night on the town, a reunion, a wedding, a weekend getaway, a movie premiere, or their childs school play; and they rarely leave emptyhanded.
  • A covenant has been made with the thirteen middot—when the children of Israel recite them they will not be turned away emptyhanded b.
  • I thought I was doing something wrong to be coming up so emptyhanded.


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