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What is the meaning of emptying in Hindi?

Meaning of emptying in Hindi is : रिक्तीकरण

Definition of word emptying

  • Present participle of to empty. (verb)
  • The act by which something is emptied. (noun)

Examples of word emptying

    • Regardless of the amount involved, gastric emptying is not indicated for accidental ingestion of a hydrocarbon lacking systemic toxicity.
    • During that time we are able to measure the rate at which the gallbladder empties, and determine if emptying is normal.
    • The frequently cited amount of 1mL./kg. as the indication for gastric emptying is not supported by animal studies. 2,4
    • We will get a chance for sweeping reform, but will find no joy in emptying the dust pan.
    • Oreck next maintained that many of its challenged statements were nonactionable puffery: (1) the Dyson is “bulky”; (2) the Oreck vacuum emits “no puff” of dust when it is emptied; (3) the Dyson bin emptying process is “messy” and the Dyson filter is “not sanitary” and a “dirty little secret”; and (4) the XL Ultra 4120 weighs “only nine pounds,” while the weight of the DC14 is “backbreaking.”


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