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What is the meaning of encipher in Hindi?

Meaning of encipher in Hindi is : कूटलेखन

Definition of word encipher

  • To convert plain text into cipher; to encrypt (verb)

Examples of word encipher

  • Someone who wanted to be especially devious could encipher a banal plaintext with the actually significant information embedded in the structure of the key.
  • Section VI of the ten point statement declares: “Users of digital communication equipment, systems, or devices shall be able to utilize encipher technology in order to protect the privacy and security of their communications.”
  • There is training in code (for example, how to encipher the instruction "kill this devil") and training in the proper posture for shooting someone ( "the body should be normal, not tense, and the joints relaxed, not too tight, not too loose").
  • These keys are used to encipher a message between a transmitter and
  • The Nazis went to great lengths to encipher their secret messages, building mechanical scramblers.


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