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What is the meaning of encircle in Hindi?

Meaning of encircle in Hindi is : परिवेष्टित करना

Definition of word encircle

  • To surround, form a circle around. (verb)

Examples of word encircle

  • Later, the populace again encircle the pole and dance throughout the night.
  • Chinese commentators have expressed concerned that the growing relations between India and the United States are an attempt to "encircle" China.
  • They took further measurements over a 24 hour period and two men trekked 4.3 miles (7 km) to "encircle" the pole area.
  • Bjaaland, Hassell, and Wisting trek 121/2 miles in three directions to "encircle" the pole area and set up markers (spare sledge runners).
  • One should, therefore, be exceedingly careful in avoiding any measures that would convey the impression that we are trying militarily to "encircle" the Russian Federation.


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