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What is the meaning of encode in Hindi?

Meaning of encode in Hindi is : संकेतीकरण

Definition of word encode

  • To convert plain text into code. (verb)
  • To convert source information into another form. (verb)

Examples of word encode

    • You have that part where DNA is "decoded" (transcription-translation) into RNA and protein, but you missed that part where RNA and protein "encode" DNA (reverse transcription-translation).
    • The idea that some terms encode a male worldview is initially a puzzling one.
    • It’s not about HD. 480 lines and a decent encode is enough.
    • The encode is a little spotty at times, with minor compression elements, but on the whole, this is a stellar standard definition presentation.
    • I'd love to simply download legal non-RIAA music, but too many artist and labels encode at low bitrates.


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