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What is the meaning of encompass in Hindi?

Meaning of encompass in Hindi is : सम्मिलित करना

Definition of word encompass

  • To form a circle around; to encircle. (verb)
  • To include within its scope; to circumscribe or go round so as to surround; to enclose; to contain. (verb)
  • To include completely; to describe fully or comprehensively. (verb)
  • To go around, especially, to circumnavigate. (verb)

Examples of word encompass

  • The "three weeks" of the title encompass both Max's expedition, in December 2000, and the experiences of another American, hunting lions in west-central Africa, in December 1899.
  • Note that throughout this entry Ëœscienceâ„¢ and cognate terms encompass only the natural sciences.
  • I would argue that although these labels encompass a wider array of political thought than party classifications, they are dangerous to critical thought.
  • The title of this work is The Vain Man, and Daumier is at pains to show off this self-vaunting individual as nothing more nor less than what the limits of that title encompass.
  • Their service calls encompass an area from Rockford to Clinton, Iowa and Monroe,


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