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What is the meaning of encrypt in Hindi?

Meaning of encrypt in Hindi is : कूट रूप देना

Definition of word encrypt

  • To conceal information by means of a code or cipher. (verb)

Examples of word encrypt

  • The term encrypt t1; t2 represents t1 encrypted with t2 and is usually written as ft1 gt2.
  • On the "Tools" menu in Microsoft Outlook, for example, "encrypt" is an option.
  • My Actiontec DSL router is set with WPA2 -- for some reason the printer insists that the password encrypt is TKIP when it is actually AES.
  • Yahoo Messenger 6 used a spectacularly complicated password obfuscation method to "encrypt" the password as it was being sent over the wire to Yahoo's servers.
  • One catch only: as it is not a signal carrying info but just power, no way to "encrypt" it while receiver technology is trivial ....


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