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What is the meaning of endear in Hindi?

Meaning of endear in Hindi is : लाडला बनाना

Definition of word endear

Examples of word endear

  • What endeared him to those of us in the center and center left -- and I use the word endear with some trepidation when it comes to McCain -- was an honesty and unpredictability that made him seem like he was capable of rising above the GOP partisan fray when it was important for the sake of the nation.
  • I make chuse of you to inform your Master, who's the capablest person under God to do for them, which will with other infinit titles endear you to your fast friends in Scotland, and especially to your
  • Nothing better illustrated the turbulent state of civil-military relations during this period than the hostility on the part of the uniformed military toward President Bill Clinton, whose antimilitary stance as a young man during the Vietnam War years did not endear him to soldiers.
  • Such comments are unlikely to endear him to Liverpool's under-fire players, which is a shame as they're crying out for a bit of the mongrel that is the Afghan Hound lookalike's stock-in-trade.
  • But his quintessential New York story should endear him to the city, enthusiasts insist.


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