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What is the meaning of enforceability in Hindi?

Meaning of enforceability in Hindi is : प्रवर्तनीयता

Definition of word enforceability

  • The quality of being enforceable. (noun)

Examples of word enforceability

  • Co. Court and asking for an injunction against making any changes to the park until the deed restriction enforceability is completely settled (through all possible appeals).
  • Once again this has raised questions about the long-term enforceability of the television licence in the United Kingdom.
  • How a regulation is designed has implications for its enforceability, which is often critical to overall effectiveness.
  • But duties lacking enforceability, which is the case with
  • Terms of service are based in contract law, but their enforceability is a gray area in US law.
  • Libel laws, obscenity laws, the enforceability of non-disclosure agreements, etc..
  • In practice, the enforceability of each TOS implementation often falls on a sliding scale, depending on the degree of notice it provides the user.
  • This is really a soundbite law as its effectiveness, enforceability and possible drain on police and city re$ources are all concerns. onionbag