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What is the meaning of engage in Hindi?

Meaning of engage in Hindi is : स्वयं को बाँधना

Definition of word engage

  • To engross or hold the attention of (someone); to keep busy or occupied. (verb)
  • To draw into conversation. (verb)
  • To attract, to please; (archaic) to fascinate or win over (someone). (verb)
  • To enter into conflict with (an enemy). (verb)
  • To enter into battle. (verb)
  • To arrange to employ or use (a worker, a space, etc). (verb)
  • To mesh or interlock (of machinery, especially a clutch). (verb)
  • To enter into (an activity), to participate (construed with in). (verb)
  • To guarantee or promise (to do something). (verb)
  • To bind through legal or moral obligation (to do something, especially to marry) (usually in passive). (verb)
  • To pledge, pawn (one's property); to put (something) at risk or on the line; to mortgage (houses, land). (verb)

Examples of word engage

  • He got half of the word engage out, and then the call came up from sickbay.
  • He goes on to mount the argument -- an optimistic one, in my view -- that perhaps the reluctance to engage is "a sign of a robust, questioning, and skeptical press."
  • "Opportunities to create partnerships and to engage is not a year and a half from now, or two years from now, where perhaps you will see a continued reduction in attacks or violence," said Francisco Sanchez, the U.S. undersecretary of commerce for international trade.
  • She then discussed how the classroom environment, and the teacher knowing how best to get kids to engage, is critical to a good classroom.
  • They want government to tell you who to marry, when to have children, how many children you can have and how you can engage is sexual relations with other private citizens.


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