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What is the meaning of engagement in Hindi?

Meaning of engagement in Hindi is : समाघात (युद्ध में

Definition of word engagement

Examples of word engagement

  • Engagement is shorthand for "talking to your enemies," or at least to countries with which you have profound differences.
  • Engagement is foundational for Obama, as is divestiture of what Cohen calls “emotion” from foreign policy, as part of the meta-point of combating what his campaign advisers-turned-White House advisers (McDonough and Rhodes in particular) call the “politics of fear.”
  • What are our taxpayer dollars funding in this operation if the "Office of Public Engagement" is refusing to engage affected constituencies at all at critical times?
  • Engagement is the Word Of The Day -- developers promoting new projects enthusiastically use phrases like "bite-sized chunks", "pick up and play".
  • Engagement is easily seen, almost tangible, certainly obvious to anyone paying attention.


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