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What is the meaning of engross in Hindi?

Meaning of engross in Hindi is : हस्तेकरण

Definition of word engross

  • To write (a document) in large, aesthetic, and legible lettering; to make a finalized copy of. (verb)
  • To buy up wholesale, especially to buy the whole supply of (a commodity etc.). (verb)
  • To monopolize; to concentrate (something) in the single possession of someone, especially unfairly. (verb)
  • To completely engage the attention of. (verb)
  • To thicken; to condense. (verb)

Examples of word engross

  • If we add that he did not merely "engross," but that he liberally shared his acquisitions with others, we shall perhaps best describe his special place and work in the world of letters.
  • The movie managed to engross a room full of kids from one end to the other — and me, too.
  • I loved the journey the main characters were on, Daniel, Rupert and Emma were spot on, but the story line did not compel, engross, capture and direct our minds through this riveting story.
  • I assume, for example, that the House could not constitutionally delegate to the Clerk or Speaker the authority to engross a bill that had not been specifically approved by the body (whether raising the debt level or doing anything else).
  • Movies still have more money to spend and continue to push the envelope, but since the 1930s screening of King Kong it's clear that simply adequate special effects coupled with a good story are sufficient to engross audiences.


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