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What is the meaning of enjoy in Hindi?

Meaning of enjoy in Hindi is : स‌ंभोग करना

Definition of word enjoy

  • To receive pleasure or satisfaction from something (verb)

Examples of word enjoy

  • Congratulations to all the winners … enjoy ~enjoy ~ enjoy: ~)
  • SO OFTEN, SADLY, WE do not associate the word enjoy with God.
  • The word "enjoy" is important because anyone can take on extra jobs and then rush through their housework and make it look like they are coping.
  • And Bob and uh others … I was pointing a usage of the word enjoy in a specific way … made possible by todays culture of "enjoy" that is distinctly different from the way the Westminster catechesim uses the word.
  • But one thing that conservatives do enjoy is praising those who wish to execute gays.
  • The world's wild places were for me to enjoy from the comfort of my own home, nothing more.
  • If in life, a situation in a place, which I enjoy, is being negatively impacted and disrupting a sense of decorum or well being for me, work at trying to change it to restore a place of contentment.