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What is the meaning of enlist in Hindi?

Meaning of enlist in Hindi is : सूचीयन

Definition of word enlist

  • To join a cause or organization, especially military service. (verb)
  • To recruit the aid or membership of others. (verb)
  • To secure, to obtain. (verb)

Examples of word enlist

  • The eagerness to enlist is partly an extended expression of gratitude to the United States for liberating Guam from a brutal Japanese occupation during World War II.
  • "In plain English, enlist in my company, my fine fellow, and your life and liberty are both safe."
  • I think the reason you won’t enlist, is you would indeed be officer material, and promptly get fragged by your own men.
  • As, of course, it will - if you choose to enlist, that is.
  • Desperate for answers and a quick solution to the problem, the Nazi commanders set aside from personal grudge long enough to "enlist" a Jewish scholar with intimate knowledge of the keep and its history to find out what it is that is killing them off and seemingly defying all rational modes of engagement.


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