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What is the meaning of enlivened in Hindi?

Meaning of enlivened in Hindi is : उत्साहपूर्ण

Definition of word enlivened

  • Simple past tense and past participle of enliven. (verb)

Examples of word enlivened

  • However, I am sure that it will all be better when our household is more enlivened, which is soon to be the case, my dear mama.
  • Yet these abstract ideas were undoubtedly in him; you felt their presence while watching and listening to him; and the way in which he managed to embody them in homely phrase enlivened with a rude poetry was so marvellous, that one scarcely knew whether to feel astounded or amused.
  • This sorbet was made with melon and apricot and "enlivened" with the aniseet liqueur, Pernod.
  • "We have had an extremely positive conversation," Lacroix said following a meeting with Industry Minister Christian Estrosi yesterday - adding that he has been "enlivened" by the idea of continuing his business.
  • To be in a relationship with another means to be inside enlivened feelings with one another.


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