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What is the meaning of enlivening in Hindi?

Meaning of enlivening in Hindi is : स्फूर्तिदायक

Definition of word enlivening

  • Present participle of enliven. (verb)

Examples of word enlivening

  • She was a bright child: she finished all the textbooks on the first day of school and, bored, spent the rest of the term enlivening her classmates.
  • The reason it’s enlivening is because of the pace is accelerated through ultra-short paragraphs.
  • I.N.C. had now resolved to take no risks; they entered into negotiations with Sem Benelli, a well-known poet of the school which some critics call enlivening and other critics call inflammatory.
  • Vanity Fair, namely enlivening a potentially stuffy period flick by switching the locale to somewhere far more exotic.
  • Suggestions already included the addition of a new Anzac gallery at the war memorial along with Anzac scholarships and "enlivening" commemorations with new monuments abroad ".


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