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What is the meaning of enslaved in Hindi?

Meaning of enslaved in Hindi is :

Definition of word enslaved

  • Simple past tense and past participle of enslave. (verb)

Examples of word enslaved

  • For after all, to speak of the destruction of slavery, though itself an institution cruel to the enslaved, is only to state the blessing in a negative form.
  • Nor will it ever be forgotten how he humbled the pride of them that withstood him, and gathered to himself the confidence of the people, and submitted himself to the promptings of his conscience, and enraged Egypt's haughty aristocrats with his proposals and demands in behalf of the oppressed, and in the face of Egypt's armies led out the enslaved from the house of bondage, and saw the hosts of Israel's oppressors overwhelmed under
  • Similarly, he'd rather leave me to my own devices than risk looking like some glassy-eyed "pursey" as they call enslaved, handbag-carrying males out here.
  • Dio Cassius can scarcely be mistaken when he says that Tyre and Sidon were "enslaved" -- i.e. deprived of freedom -- by Augustus, [14477] who must certainly have revoked the privilege originally granted by Pompey.
  • And like my ancestors of the African diaspora, the Irish were once enslaved, a.k.a.


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