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What is the meaning of enter in Hindi?

Meaning of enter in Hindi is : शामिल होना

Definition of word enter

  • The "Enter" key on a computer keyboard. (noun)

Examples of word enter

  • The last story in this section has the unwieldy title Enter A Soldier.
  • Neuroscientist from Age Four title Enter the "i of the vortex"
  • While I am working to have the phrase Enter the letters as they are shown in the image banned, you can read these great blog posts:
  • The hall you Enter is of a very good size and height. 2 dineing roomes and drawing roomes, one for the Summer with a marble floore, 6 or 7 Chambers off a good size and lofty, so ye most of ye beds were two foote too low wch was pitty they being good beds, one was Crimson ffigured velvet, 2 damaske beds, the rest moehaire and Cambet.
  • 'Enter' -- and you will see her appear, veiled, and breathing sweetness through her veil.
  • 'Enter' - shows the selected picture in a separate window
  • In this event, entitled the Harvard Underground Guide to Success (aka Enter to Grow in Wisdom), recent graduates and current students share firsthand accounts of how best to navigate academic, social and extracurricular life in college.
  • He has published his findings in a book, titled Enter Pursued by a Bear - Telegraph