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What is the meaning of enterprising in Hindi?

Meaning of enterprising in Hindi is : साहसी

Definition of word enterprising

  • Displaying bravery and daring in the attempt of some task. (adjective)
  • Being very able and ingenious in business dealings. (adjective)

Examples of word enterprising

    • That a statement in the form of a Hypothetical Proposition may really be an Enthymeme (as observed in chap.v. § 4) can easily be shown by recasting one of the above Enthymemes thus: _If all free nations are enterprising, the Dutch are enterprising_.
    • To be enterprising is to keep your eyes open and your mind active.
    • “An enterprising UK resident” I suspect that enterprising is quite illegal in the UK or at least officially discouraged.
    • Indeed, were it not for certain enterprising souls, the United States — as we know it — may never have come into being.
    • They were described as enterprising activists who had taken on a legal and social system which, in Marcelin's words, treats women's bodies as commodities.