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What is the meaning of entertainer in Hindi?

Meaning of entertainer in Hindi is : विनोदक

Definition of word entertainer

  • A person who entertains others, someone who puts on a show for the entertainment or enjoyment of others. (noun)

Examples of word entertainer

  • If Alec, the entertainer is acknowledgin 'his case as a topic of heated discussion among his would-be opponents of the political race, Ronnie would not have been installed as a prez. by the people.
  • But when I got into New Look, I found out the entertainer is actually the worker.
  • Look, I can see where people are coming from, but to say that Michael Jackson was a mere entertainer is kind of an understatement.
  • Please people, get over this crazy notion that a entertainer is some kind of god.
  • To many impressionable teenagers, the entertainer is no longer an unreachable idol but a “friend.”


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