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What is the meaning of enthusiastic in Hindi?

Meaning of enthusiastic in Hindi is : लवलीन

Definition of word enthusiastic

  • With zealous fervor; excited, motivated (adjective)

Examples of word enthusiastic

  • He was shorthanded, and anyone who has ever had 14 girls herded onto one softball field knows the meaning of the term enthusiastic confusion.
  • We heard testimony from most of the volunteers who actually operate the station and serve as DJs, and they were nearly all in enthusiastic support.
  • He laughs about his earthquake phobia, turns glum when reflecting on a domineering father and gives weight to theories of his eternal boyhood in enthusiastic chatter about toys and theme parks.
  • "A character," "very enthusiastic" is how veterinarians described him on their new-patient sheets whenever we moved and introduced a new care provider to the Buckness of Buck.
  • But most enthusiastic is Christopher Long, writing for DVD Beaver: "I'm so excited to see Muriel made available on a Region 1 DVD that I hate to point out the flaws in the transfer."


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