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What is the meaning of entice in Hindi?

Meaning of entice in Hindi is : लुभाना

Definition of word entice

  • To lure; to attract by arousing desire or hope. (verb)

Examples of word entice

  • Brilliant flowers and birds grace the collage surfaces and intriguing titles entice you into the inner thoughts of the artist.
  • We need to understand that titles entice readers into reading a post, or they can also put them off!
  • In late July, he implied that Mr. Anwar could use corrupt practices to "entice" MPs to join the opposition.
  • Today she replies, and said that she had actually spent a drunken hour that night looking around the hotel for me in hopes to "entice" me up to her room since I'm just her type.
  • The present study, carried out by researchers at the Department of Environmental and Evolutionary Biology and the Department of Science Education at the University of Haifa-Oranim, headed by Prof. Ido Izhaki along with Prof. Gidi Ne'eman, Prof. Moshe Inbar and Dr. Natarajan Singaravelan, examined whether these substances are intended to "entice" the bees or whether they are byproducts that are not necessarily linked to any such objective.


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