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What is the meaning of entrails in Hindi?

Meaning of entrails in Hindi is : किसी वस्तु का भीतरी भाग

Definition of word entrails

  • Plural form of entrail. (noun)
  • The internal organs of an animal, especially the intestines. (noun)

Examples of word entrails

    • The world will not be fit to live in until the last polition is hung with the entrails from the last preacher, rabbi, and amam! heynow
    • The phenomenon has definitely grown beyond the core audience of teenage girls, but there are still those who prefer to see their blood-suckers swimming in entrails and terrorizing and unknowing public.
    • Then he looks at the liver of a sheep, but reading entrails is as old as campfires and rocks so that's not a big surprise.
    • Offal is described as the "entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal," which tend to be less common meat cuts and pieces.
    • Therefore, as long as the will of the voters on the day of the election can be known (quite simply by counting their votes - not "entrails") then the results should stand - even If the margin of victory be narrow.


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