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What is the meaning of entrust in Hindi?

Meaning of entrust in Hindi is : सौंपना

Definition of word entrust

  • To trust to the care of. (verb)

Examples of word entrust

  • Yet that is precisely what the world will be doing if we once again entrust funds to Hamas terrorists and their Iranian puppet masters.
  • Washington could prepare a “victory dispatch” in the loftiest use of the term and entrust the delivery of the paper to a staff officer he wished particularly to honor.
  • It was noted that Dr. Robert Winterode decided to "entrust" the patients with axes and tools to complete the construction.
  • They want to "entrust" volunteer groups of residents to operate and manage the cameras?
  • Lash bars are popping up all over, but I entrust my own lashes and brows to Daxita at Atherton Cox in London, who tailors designs to the client's face and eye shape, and whom I believe to be some sort of genius she also does Sophie Dahl and Mary Portas.


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