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What is the meaning of entrusts in Hindi?

Meaning of entrusts in Hindi is :

Definition of word entrusts

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of entrust. (verb)

Examples of word entrusts

  • The company "entrusts" staffers to spend up to $2,000 on guests per incident without approval from their general managers.
  • I am grateful to Mr. Soper; the difficulty of the tasks he entrusts to me, every moment of the day my thoughts absorbed by puzzles he presents me.
  • Wolfe was the first owner to sell minority stakes to his key people, President Mike Crowley and general manager Billy Beane, to whom he entrusts a lot of control.
  • In this difficult and depressing parable, a master entrusts three servants with some money.
  • This story entrusts the reader with a secret that even Olive will never know: that Henry's apparent simplicity is at least in part a form of defense; that throughout his life he will grapple with longings and secrets of his own, and understand more about his wife than she realizes.


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