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What is the meaning of enumerate in Hindi?

Meaning of enumerate in Hindi is : सूची बनाना

Definition of word enumerate

  • To specify each member of a sequence individually in incrementing order. (verb)
  • To determine the amount of. (verb)

Examples of word enumerate

    • The Constitution says "enumerate" - to count ... enumerate does not mean to identify by name or intrusively insist upon revealing very personal information.
    • Constitution in the particulars mentioned, and in many other ways which I forbear to enumerate is too clear to admit of the least doubt.
    • Business was a more critical partner in development than he could "enumerate", he said.
    • You see, Broun feels that any inquiry beyond the constitutional requirement to "enumerate" the number of persons living in his household is, per se, "unconstitutional."
    • According to my Constitution, the census is to "enumerate" the people.


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