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What is the meaning of enumerates in Hindi?

Meaning of enumerates in Hindi is :

Definition of word enumerates

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of enumerate. (verb)

Examples of word enumerates

  • The call enumerates Obama's recent alleged strategic backpedaling on key progressive issues -- on withdrawal from Iraq, for example, opposition to the new FISA bill and efforts to privatize social security.
  • This call enumerates the inventory within a particular availability zone.
  • In a column published under Leonard Pitt’s byline, Glen Garvin enumerates the bloody history of the Left Wing.
  • Thus, the Constitution merely "enumerates" certain rights considered uniquely at jeopardy at the time.
  • Bruce Sterling's lead editorial in SEED Magazine's feature on the 21st century enumerates the disastrous contradictions and changes in the shifting global mindset, and scathingly demands that we fix them.


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