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What is the meaning of envision in Hindi?

Meaning of envision in Hindi is : कल्पना करना

Definition of word envision

  • To conceive or see something within one's mind. To imagine. (verb)

Examples of word envision

  • To the contrary, the judicial role I envision is one that cannot get off the ground without strong footholds established through the political process.
  • In the absence of any positive regulation, the "freedom" that the right-wing absolutists envision is the freedom of the rich and powerful to control, crush, and humiliate the less-rich and less-powerful.
  • What I envision is openly theistic science of the kind that was practiced before Darwinism took hold and sucked the life out of science.
  • I find it ironic that you predict that only sending 500000 more troops will prevent another Vietnam, yet the solution you envision is EXACTLY what we've done in Vietnam.
  • All I can envision is the kind I'm used to, where the manhole leads to a gaping space under the street, completely unsuitable for any kind of foliage.


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