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What is the meaning of epidemiological in Hindi?

Meaning of epidemiological in Hindi is : रोगव्यापिकीय

Definition of word epidemiological

  • Of or pertaining to epidemiology. (adjective)

Examples of word epidemiological

  • The U.S. was not a participating member of the 13-nation long-term epidemiological study.
  • Such tiny relative risks are generally considered meaningless, given the myriad pitfalls in epidemiological studies.
  • Then results started coming in from long-term epidemiological studies.
  • After thoroughly testing my premise in other laboratories, scientists began looking at real people in what are called epidemiological studies.
  • The Stewart Report 2004 asks that anecdotal evidence be taken seriously in the absence of long-term epidemiological studies, concerning illnesses around the area of mobile phone transmitters.


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