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What is the meaning of epigastrium in Hindi?

Meaning of epigastrium in Hindi is :

Definition of word epigastrium

  • The upper middle region of the abdomen, between the umbilical and hypochondriac regions. (noun)

Examples of word epigastrium

  • It didn't do this time; for, as the assailant rushed in with his arms flying everywhere, like the vans of a windmill, he ran a prominent feature of his face against a fist which was travelling in the other direction, and immediately after struck the knuckles of the young man's other fist a severe blow with the part of his person known as the epigastrium to one branch of science and the bread-basket to another.
  • No struggle there, on the part of the children, "to share the good man's knee;" but protruded eyes, round as spectacles, and almost as large, fixed alternately upon his flushed face and that absorbing epigastrium which is making their miserable flesh-pot to wane most wretchedly.
  • Atypical symptoms include pain in the upper midline (epigastrium) or even chest.
  • “We first had a feeling of siccity in the pharynx, then intolerable pains at the epigastrium, super purgation, coma.”
  • The one pole should be connected with the head-electrode, the other, by means of the surface board, applied alternately, to the epigastrium, chiefly, and to the hypogastric region.


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