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What is the meaning of epoch in Hindi?

Meaning of epoch in Hindi is : सम्वत

Definition of word epoch

  • A particular period of history, especially one considered remarkable or noteworthy. (noun)
    इतिहास का एक विशेष काल, विशेष रूप से उल्लेखनीय या उल्लेखनीय माना जाता है।

Examples of word epoch

  • Special elections require time, and, especially in epoch of such delicacy, special elections may inhibit the ability to pass important legislation.
  • Marriage, whatever its particular manifestation in a particular culture or epoch, is essentially about who may and who may not have sexual access to a woman when she becomes an adult, and is also about how her adulthood -- and sexual accessibility -- is defined.
  • In this street, stunt performers in epoch dresses walked around Lisbon in old cars and distributed the "Mad Men News" newspaper.
  • The correlation of all these factors and which ones may be dominant during a given epoch is still the subject of intense research and is more of a guesstimate than firmly established scientific fact†¦ ..
  • Because many computers today store the number of seconds as a 32-bit signed integer, the Unix epoch is often said to last 231 seconds, thus “ending” at 03: 14: 07 Tuesday, January 19, 2038 (UTC).
  • This is a fact the significance of which cannot escape anyone, and one which incontestably marks an epoch from the point of view of chemists.
  • The slowness of historical change, the fact that any epoch always contains a great deal of the last epoch, is never sufficiently allowed for.
  • A French writer said a year or two, ago, 'our epoch is not particularly gay but it is passionately interesting.
  • As the Davidic epoch is the point of the covenant-people's highest glory, so the captivity is that of their lowest humiliation.