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What is the meaning of equilibrist in Hindi?

Meaning of equilibrist in Hindi is : रस्से पर नाचनेवाला

Definition of word equilibrist

  • a tightrope walker (noun)

Examples of word equilibrist

  • The steward brought me my coffee, and, wedged by boxes and pillows, like an equilibrist, I sat up and drank it.
  • When the equilibrist Madame Phom returned to Fan Nan Nan, she did not find Dickie Goldwire at home.
  • Another, an equilibrist, showed her how, when he was obliged to stay in bed with a broken leg and had nobody to wait on him, he used to wait on himself by going round the room on his hands ... like that.
  • Nor do I see my way clear in providing for the steeple-climber, the equilibrist, the railroad president, or the tea-taster.
  • Naturally a good equilibrist, the girl took easily to the motor-cycle, and even when Joe went at top speed on some smooth road she liked it.


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