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What is the meaning of equip in Hindi?

Meaning of equip in Hindi is : सुसज्जित करना

Definition of word equip

  • To furnish for service, or against a need or exigency; to fit out; to supply with whatever is necessary to efficient action in any way; to provide with arms or an armament, stores, munitions, rigging, etc.; -- said especially of ships and of troops. Dryden. (verb)
    सेवा के लिए प्रस्तुत करने के लिए, या किसी आवश्यकता या अत्यावश्यकता के विरुद्ध; फिट होना; किसी भी तरह से कुशल कार्रवाई के लिए जो कुछ भी आवश्यक है उसकी आपूर्ति करना; हथियार या एक हथियार, भंडार, युद्ध सामग्री, हेराफेरी, आदि प्रदान करने के लिए; - विशेष रूप से जहाजों और सैनिकों के बारे में कहा। ड्राइडन।

Examples of word equip

  • Each was to "equip" according to his own fancy, though it was necessary for each to provide himself with a riding horse or mule.
  • To accomplish this, Oliver and TED want to start an organization to do things such as equip and run community kitchens, source and equip "food theatre" trucks, design creative teaching materials and champion honest food labelling.
  • In other MMO's you can equip your character with trinkets or enchant weapons and armor, in ST: O you can 'equip' your ship with officers and engineers that are unlocked as you make progress.
  • Each hero is able to "equip" two units, allowing them to fight in battle.
  • - Updating anaesthetic record - Sitting down • Can't tag syringes • Can 'equip' anaesthetists ACIS 2008 RFID in the Anaesthetic Triangle 19
  • You also have access to the Captain's Outfitter, which allows you "equip" the items you unlock when completing the new Adventure Planets.
  • “You and I cannot afford to equip ourselves with two rounds of ammunition where three rounds are necessary,” he said.